From humble beginnings in 1996, TechnoChair has grown to become a highly reputable company, supplying a marked percentage to the office seating Industry. With state-of-the-art technology in our industry, we can provide innovative products along with customer-centric service, as we continue to strive for excellence in both the manufacturing and design of our products ensuring complete customer satisfaction

the team
Owner and Founder
Rudi van Graan

Rudi is a humble and driven Boss. He obtained his B Com Hon degree in 1985 from the University of Johannesburg. After 3 years of learning the craft of the industry, he established TechnoChair in 1996. His passion radiates throughout the company.

Pierre van Graan

With over ten years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the industry, Pierre has proven that high performance yields high results and happy customers.

Production Manager
Chris Barnard

Chris has been with TechnoChair for over two decades. He is also a bit of a renaissance man as his knowledge of History is brilliant. Any questions - Chris will know the answer.

Marketing Manager
Rumané van Graan

Rumané Obtained her first degree from the University of the Free state (B. Arch Stud) in 2013, followed by a BA in Theatre Arts and an Honours degree.

Sales Coordinator
Renè Oosthuizen

Whatever you need - Renè has got it. Besides being scary good with admin, Renè runs the sales department like a boss.

Internal sales operator
Sue Commarmond

Sue has been with TechnoChair for almost 20 years and she has 30 years of experience within the Industry.

Sales Executive
Amy Jordaan

Much more than just a pretty face. Amy is currently studying interior design. She's an excellent communicator with five years of experience in the industry to back her up.

Operation Manager
Judel Minnegen

Judel knows how to take control and how to direct. He has been a loyal foreman with TechnoChair for over 25 years and can spot a chair mistake from a mile - and if he does, it WILL be fixed. Immediately.